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Why use Styles in MS Word

Use Styles to enhance your documents so that they look even better. The added bonus is that it will save you time. Styles are essentially shorthand for all the formatting characteristics you want for your text.

Using the styles, means you don’t have to remember all your formatting for the different parts of your document. This is why using Styles means you can produce your documents more easily and quickly. It also means that when different people in a business work on the same document it is easier to keep it consistent. Using Styles also helps to produce consistent documents throughout the business.

If you change your branding, then you can edit the styles and Word will update all instances throughout your document.

Word has built-in styles which are available on the Home tab.

You can also create your own styles. So you can have your own styles for headings, body text etc.

Word provides several style types:

  • Character and paragraph styles determine the look of most of the text in a document. Some styles work as both character and paragraph types, and these styles are known as linked styles.
  • List styles determine the look of lists, including bullet style or number scheme, indentation, and any label text.
  • Table styles determine the look of tables, including the text formatting of the header row, gridlines, and accent colors for rows and columns.

You can find more information about Styles on the Office support website or see further blogs here.