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Understanding the entire document lifecycle – Why knowledge and support really matter

As the legal technology sector starts to mature, it’s easy for software vendors to justify staff redundancies and restructuring by saying that mainstream software developers don’t need to provide day-to-day client support. They dismiss instability in the software as growing pains. We’re seeing this more and more. The issue? It’s a cop out. Knowledge really, really matters in the legal sector. Where there are holes in knowledge, the software is all the weaker for it.

Expectation v Reality

Law firms should expect their vendors to be familiar with each step their lawyers take to reach their end work product, whether the vendor is directly involved in each of those steps or not.

We feel so passionately about it that Kutana acquired a major share in Brochet in 2022, allowing them to work together more effectively and specifically to add more value to clients. The two businesses have been supporting  law firms with the critical, if unglamorous, parts of their business for over 25 years.

Kutana + Brochet together take care of document creation, editing, restyling, PDF editing, iManage integration, DocuSign integration and all of the touchpoints that happen when you create, sign and send a document. We develop and manage all aspects of a law firm’s legal desktop in Microsoft Office.

Consequently, we know Microsoft Office and the entire document lifecycle inside out. Our knowledge comes from years of listening to lawyers and hiring people who themselves have deep experience of working in the legal sector.

If you get rid of support, you are left with a product but no understanding of the problems that people are facing.

You might argue that the law firm itself can feed back insights to the vendor, but we typically speak to time-poor IT teams who are in charge of every aspect of a law firm’s infrastructure and are not always as familiar as we are with the document lifecycle. A vendor’s job is not just to sell but to help advise, particularly as the world becomes more complex.

Achieving a competitive advantage

Working with vendors who understand your business is undoubtedly a competitive advantage.

We recently won a very large international law firm client based on our ability to leverage our knowledge of legal practice: we are tweaking our code to enable them to undertake a task that no one else is doing. Knowledge means that we can develop the little nuances that reflect how people do things differently. You need the back-end skills and the understanding of what is required – and why – to translate that into software development.

Knowledgeable support remains vital

One of the best bits of feedback we get is that we provide great support from people who really know what they are talking about and that our business is free from a hiring and firing merry-go-round. It sounds so obvious, doesn’t it?

If a ‘maturing’ industry means less not more, we think buyers have the right to object, and demand better.


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