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Productivity: Saving hours, avoiding stress, and staying on brand with Brochet Paste

Picture this scenario. It’s 11pm, one of your fee-earners is trying to get a document out of the door but it has become corrupted with rogue numbering and styling. The document production unit (DPU) has gone home. Someone is about to have a meltdown. If only there was a tool that would allow you to automatically fix and restyle the document in your firm’s house style.

You can see where we’re going with this – of course, there’s a tool. Although beware, we’re about to dispel the myth that the DPU applies a sprinkling of magic dust to fix documents, and that your average user couldn’t possibly hope to remedy the situation on their desktop.

Brochet Paste allows you to copy and paste anything into a document, from clauses from the internet to paragraphs from other documents, and it will automatically restyle the document so that it is clear that it comes from your firm, with your brand, and your house style.

With so many projects on the go, and so much noise in the market, it is easy to overlook the quick wins that save fee-earners literally hours of time; save a ridiculous amount of stress; and perhaps most importantly, speed up client delivery.

Time and time again we hear about work that took days to complete because of incorrectly formatted documents, when, as our Brochet Paste customers will tell you, with minimal training, a user can reformat a complete document from a Microsoft Word or PDF file and clean up formatting issues (including auto-numbering) at the touch of a button.

One of those customers is UK Top 20 law firm Womble Bond Dickinson, which has given all of its users access to Brochet Paste. Funnily enough their corporate lawyers – the ones who would otherwise be struggling at 11pm at night – are among the biggest userbase.

Brochet Paste was borne out of some work that we were doing with Womble Bond Dickinson: we were updating a library of their existing documents when we noticed that they had rogue paragraph styles and outdated branding across their document repository. In response, we developed a Word COM Add-in that has become one of the most valued add-ins we offer.

Womble Bond Dickinson didn’t need to do any special training when they rolled out Brochet Paste, which lets you add content from anything you can copy into your clipboard. Text from a Microsoft Word file will retain all track changes, cross references, comments and footnotes. The result is a clean, accurately auto-numbered document in your house style. You can even use the tool to completely rebuild a badly compromised file.

Womble Bond Dickinson’s IT Director, David Lee, said: “You must have faith in the people that you involve and trust them to deliver. You have to feel 100% confident that they understand your requirements and have the technical ability to deliver – this is what I have with Brochet.”

We can’t fix how busy you are, or how many projects you have on the go. We certainly can’t take away the noise around the likes of generative AI. But one thing we can do, is save your fee earners a ton of time and stress in formatting documents instantly and accurately. Without the need for even a speck of magic dust.

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