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Law firms look for accuracy and precision in their work.

They are intensive users of Microsoft Word and
invest substantial sums to ensure the integrity of their documents. PowerPoint is an important tool used alongside Word in the business development process.


We know you’re going to like working with us. Here’s why…

More control, greater accuracy

It’s simple really…we’ve designed legal tech products to help your firm concentrate on its core business. Brochet’s desktop in Microsoft Word makes light work of creating and editing accurate client-facing documents – content is seamlessly integrated with document management systems and other third-party Add-ins, and works in perfect harmony with precedent libraries.

Better business development

Presentation and clarity are key when demonstrating your firm’s capabilities and values to potential clients. Our productivity tools ensure documents are consistently and professionally presented and formatted, helping your business present a coherent message that is always brand compliant.

Check out our Legal desktop and Brochet Paste