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Kappris Sign

Looking for a fully integrated signature solution for your firm without the endless costs associated with the big-name brands?

Kappris Sign offers full peace of mind with unlimited usage, a fully compliant audit trail and total ease of use.

We all need to use e-signatures at some point in time for many different reasons.  For instance, it could be to sign your correspondence, send a document to a colleague or client for co-signing, or ask a witness to verify a signature.  

Kappris Sign operates within your frequently used applications, such as Microsoft Word or PDF application.  There’s no need for your end users to learn any new software platforms, or upload documents into a portal, because Kappris is fully integrated with your existing systems, including Docusign, is highly intuitive and follows the natural flow of your work. 

E-signatures and digital signatures – blended technology to suit your needs

When it comes to signatures, one size doesn’t fit all, and Kappris Sign offers ease of use whatever your needs.

You may simply need an e-signature for signing correspondence and invoices, in a secure environment with a full audit trail showing who signed the document and when.  And for those instances when you require a digital signature from your clients,  we can fully integrate with your DocuSign account to offer a seamless experience for your end users.

Kappris Sign features

  • Delegate signing with full Power BI reporting
  • Signatures held in SQL DB in the firm’s environment with AD integration for easy management
  • Central management which provides an audit trail for security
  • Docusign integration – no need to upload documents or log in, Kappris Sign integrates with your account
  • Template integration for a smooth user experience
  • Integration with Kappris PDF, to allow users to merge documents and send them via Docusign or a digital signing agency

The right signing options at the
right time