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Kappris Print

Take greater control over printing in the office & at home, while improving user experience and reducing print volumes & expenditure

Kappris saves money wasted in printing errors and saves time in messing about with printer settings.

Universal interface

Kappris is a universal interface which means it works with any brand of MFD or printer. This means the user experience is always the same, even in a mixed fleet environment with many different printer types. Print management affects many areas of the business and a range of processes that are sometimes overlooked.

Kappris recognises documents by their templates, metadata, even how they look, and sends instructions to printers to reconfigure their settings to match what the document requires.

For example, some document types can be forced to print double sided and in black and white and can achieve a huge cost saving.

Outlook Integration

The Kappris print tab makes it easy to specify which parts of an email conversation to print. Print the whole lot too, if you really want to. It automatically recognises how many email exchanges have taken place, and the user can then select any number of these to print. Our clients’ favourite feature is to set a default to print only the last two emails in a thread. It saves masses of wasted paper.

Printing attachments from emails is also made easier. No longer do you have to wait for applications to open, print, close, before moving onto your next task. Printing ZIP files is simplified as Kappris lets you view the attachment without unzipping files. It’s more secure too, since no extraction to other folders is needed.

Effective and practical print management is key to any business.

We can simplify your print processes, giving you control over the way your staff print. Streamlining email printing, which is often a firm’s most significant print output, will reduce paper and toner use, resulting in print savings and environmental benefits.

In their first year of using Kappris, one of our clients saved 1.5 million sheets of paper just by using the print-last-2-emails-only feature in Outlook.


Average reduction in print
expenditure using kappris print