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Co-authoring: here to stay

Simultaneous co-authoring of documents is becoming an integral part of users’ working day, but it is bringing challenges with it. The pandemic, as has been endlessly discussed, kick-started a huge upheaval in remote working. What has been a slightly slower

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Cloud fonts in Microsoft 365

There is a listing of fonts available in Microsoft Office 365 – that is Word, PowerPoint and Excel. There are the same fonts that are available in desktop applications. This is where you find a listing of the fonts. Cloud

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A new DMS option for law firms – CARA

The CARA Workspace – an intelligent platform, capable of managing both data and documents – is an exciting new alternative for law firms We have partnered with Generis, who we know well, from working with pharmaceutical firms for over 20 years, to

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InDesign or Microsoft Word?

If you use Adobe InDesign the normal comment on Microsoft Word is: IT’S RUBBISH. For our money that is normally the response of someone who hasn’t stopped to consider the differences.

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Non printing characters

We sometimes have clients who are confused when they see what they perceive to be strange squiggles and characters in their Word document. These are non-printing characters. It can be very useful to be able to display and review these

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Why use Styles in MS Word

Use Styles to enhance your documents so that they look even better. The added bonus is that it will save you time. Styles are essentially shorthand for all the formatting characteristics you want for your text.

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Why use Section Breaks in Microsoft Word?

Section breaks in Microsoft Word help you to create highly sophisticated documents. They are a very powerful feature but they need to be used with care. Easy to insert they can be awkward and confusing to delete.  Bearing that in

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Fonts in MS Office

Before purchasing additional fonts for MS Office it is worth checking if someone will be able to view it on another computer.

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