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iManage Work10
Plug In

Full integration with VBA template management systems.

The migration of iManage to the Cloud means the interface between Microsoft Office and iManage Client has changed completely.  But that doesn’t mean a you need to change all your technology.

The documentation supplied by iManage may be very daunting to read, especially when it talks about using REST and VSTO add-ins.  It might feel like a complete replacement system for template management is needed and can seem even more complicated if your firm ‘pre-profiles’ documents.

The long history in many law firms of using VBA enabled templates to integrate with iManage has been working successfully for more than 20 years.  However, the move from iManage Work(site)9 to iManage Work10 marks a new approach to interacting with Microsoft Office.

You can keep your VBA powered templates with iManage Work10
We have developed a standard integration as a Microsoft Word add-in. It means that the existing iManage COM interface in VBA templates can be replaced with API calls to the Brochet Word add-in.  In a nutshell, the add-in means you can upgrade your iManage easily without having to reinvent the wheel with your templates. 

A key benefit is that it enables firms to phase the update of the iManage client. The new and old systems (9 and 10) can run concurrently, and documents can be used on either system without issue.

Brochet has upgraded a number of firms to the iManage Work10 without having to change their customised VBA Word templates. The result is that the experience for users is effectively unchanged and the impact on the day-to-day work of the firm is minimal.

Future-proof integrations

As iManage refines its API we will add enhancements to our product suite.  All of our clients will be eligible for new versions future-proofing your solution. 

Note: iManage has also been known by other names including WorkSite, FileSite and DeskSite.

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