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Wright Hassall

“Using Kappris
e-signatures has given us assurances that we are operating securely whilst working through unprecedented changes.”

James Hamilton,  
Head of IT, Wright Hassall

Reducing paper in the business

Wright Hassall is a full service law firm, serving regional and national clients from their Headquarters in Leamington Spa. There are 250 people across the firm, working from iManage as their Document Management System and using Canon MFDs.

The Challenge

Wright Hassall has been using Kappris since 2013 as part of their print management project and made huge gains in controlling paper, print, ink and time costs. The long-term challenge is to continuously reduce and ultimately remove paper from the business.

In 2019 the challenge was to have staff working from home (or anywhere) but without the reliance on paper, printers and paper processes.



The initial implementation of Kappris was in 2013 to remove legacy macros and streamline print and device management.  Since that time, Wright Hassall has benefited from the continued development of Kappris which lead to an easy upgrade path.


Using the e-signature feature of Kappris has sped up document production within the firm.  PAs and lawyers can now sign their own documents with a click of a button from within the office application. 

There is no longer a need to print a document for signature then later scan the hard copy to send on digitally, and thus leaving behind a hard copy to either file or shred.

The e-signature feature works particularly well with electronic stationery from an intuitive-to-use toolbar in Word then securely converts to PDF.

Sending out signed letters and legal forms, in a PDF format, by email is now a very quick and easy process.

If this sounds interesting, have a look at how a report might work for you.  We would be happy to find out how we can help your business achieve the same efficiencies – just give us a call.