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Network Rail Consulting

“Using Brochet means we deliver documents and presentations faster and with less pressure”

– Nigel Ash, Global Managing Director

Stronger branding in Word and PowerPoint

We first started working with Network Rail Consulting (NRC) in 2012. As part of an organisational rebrand, we were commissioned to ensure that their Word and PowerPoint output was tightly integrated into the project. Even as the organisation has grown from around 20 staff to 150, the templates have continued to work effectively with very few changes needed along the way.

Professional presentation

Working closely with the design agency, Brochet converted the detailed pdf layouts into Word and PowerPoint templates, without any compromise to the agency’s objectives. More importantly, by enhancing the functionality of Word and PowerPoint we made it possible for NRC’s consultants to quickly prepare ‘on brand’ documents and presentations.

Robust & efficient

The neat, efficient code has meant that the templates have continued working reliably, even as Microsoft Office has evolved from 2010, 2013, 2016 and finally to Microsoft 365, with only small adjustments.

Easy & intuitive

The experience for NRC’s end-users is, for us, the most important factor in delivering an environment that not only produces ‘on brand’ documents and presentations but makes them easier and faster to create. That experience comes from our keen eye for detail, recognising the different working practices of clients such as NRC and automating as many of the repetitive tasks as we can.

Fully supported

Our day-to-day support on the roll-out of the new templates made for a straightforward transition and ensured that any problems were quickly identified and resolved.

Enhancing their capabilities

As we have continued to work with NRC beyond the original project, we have over time added new templates to the original set, such as a Client Account Plan and Board paper. NRC trust us to deliver the same expertise and seamless service.

Continuing to deliver value and ROI

The success of the project and the longevity of our relationship is testament to the clear and consistent direction from NRC and Brochet’s ability to add and adapt the templates and tools to NRC’s evolving requirements. The system continues to add value to the business.

If this sounds interesting, have a look at how a report might work for you.  We would be happy to find out how we can help your business achieve the same efficiencies – just give us a call.