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Bird & Bird

‘Bird & Bird attributed a 10% increase in sales to the improved BD documents.’

We go back a long way

Our relationship goes back to 2014 when the business development / marketing team at Bird & Bird asked us to help them move to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for their documents and presentations. They were heavily reliant on specialist Adobe InDesign users and the aim was to make the whole process simpler and more accessible.

Following the success of that project Bird & Bird asked Kutana+Brochet to upgrade their legal templates, requiring external resources to enhance their functionality and integrate with web services.

How we helped

Working with the graphic designers Kutana+Brochet implemented a comprehensive suite of templates in Word and PowerPoint for Bird & Birds business development (BD) materials, offering numerous on-brand permutations of colour and ‘connection strings’. They also provided a suite of productivity tools, including one to add biographies and case studies from a central database.

The templates were recently revised to reflect the updated branding and continue in daily use

The benefits realised from the implementation were significant. Initially intended for use just by the marketing team, the BD templates were found to be so user-friendly that they were rolled out to the entire firm, around 4,000 users. About a year after their initial launch, Bird & Bird attributed a 10% increase in sales to the improved BD documents. Furthermore, clients actively complimented the firm on the quality of their presentations.

For the legal templates, Kutana+Brochet continue to work alongside Bird & Bird’s internal team, to provide continuing development and upgrades to the templates, functionality and integration with iManage DMS.


As a result of the collaboration, Kutana+Brochet now provides all the programming and development expertise for Bird & Bird’s legal and BD templates. Every Word and PowerPoint item created within the firm is now based on a Brochet template, ensuring consistent branding and streamlined processes.

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