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Brochet Paste

A clever, restyler and repair tool

The complex numbering of legal agreements in Microsoft Word has led to many stressful moments. Brochet Paste will swiftly refresh and restore documents to your firm’s format.


Maintaining document integrity​

Brochet Paste video

There are many reasons why law firms to have to deal with problem documents, however good their systems.

Co-editing an agreement with clients, or copying in a clause from another source can corrupt your document with rogue styles or numbering. Fixing the document so that it can be sent out can lead to lengthy and frustrating delays.

Brochet Paste lets you add content from anything you can copy into your clipboard. Text from a Microsoft Word file will retain all track changes, comments and footnotes. The result is a clean, accurate auto-numbered document in your house style. You can even use the tool to completely rebuild a badly compromised file.

To make your life even easier it seamlessly integrates with our legal desktop.